Smile Out of Stress Your Way

“I will never understand all the good a smile can accomplish.”

Mother Teresa 

Stress is a natural physical and psychological reaction to the everyday demands of life. The feeling of being overwhelmed with mental or emotional strain, when you feel unable to cope, can turn into stress. Although one person may be driven by a certain level of stress, the same level may overwhelm another.

Smiling releases happy and healthy hormones. we have a tendency to win in such a large amount of ways in which once we smile. Serotonin, one of the’ happy helping’ hormones are known as our hormone soothing and feeling good and is released every time we SMILE!. We’re born happy and we even smile in the womb. Even blind babies smile at the sound of the human voice.

  • A University of Golden State, Berkeley, a 30-year study of examining student Yearbooks found that Students World Health Organization smiled in their Yearbook picture lived around ten years longer than those that didn’t.
  • A study of major baseball league players at Wayne State University showed that their life span had been predicted by the extent to which they smiled on their picture.  It has had a distinctly positive effect on their end result
  • 14% of individuals smile but five times daily
  • The average adult smiles 14-20 times daily
  • Children smile 400+ times daily
  • British researchers find a smile as relaxing as 2,000 bars of chocolate or earning $25,000 in cash

You slowly retrain your brain to build positive loops when you smile on a regular basis and you can naturally think more positively too. And this will also improve your resistance to stress.

Smiling and laughing not only help our physical health but also impact our mental health in a similar way. We are strong tools to unleash difficult emotions and to make us feel good. When there are strong emotions like rage, depression or fear, laughing will relieve some of that emotional distress.

Whenever you see someone this month, use that as a reason to smile. Look softly at the person and smile relaxedly.  Make it a real smile to achieve the positive effects, which include the muscles in the mouth, cheeks, and eyes.

If you’re alone you might even smile.  Don’t worry… we’re not going to tell anyone!

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